Rihanna loves GloRilla. The latter dropped off her new single, “TGIF,” in June, and Rihanna posted a video of herself dancing to it on Instagram. Evidently, the pop superstar wants more than a song, though. She slid into GloRilla’s DMs on July 2 and attempted to find out when the rapper would be dropping her full album. The irony, of course, being that Rihanna has kept fans waiting for new music since 2016. If there is any artist who should know about waiting, it’s her (and maybe Frank Ocean).

Rihanna’s DM made the rounds on social media, with many fans being humored by the singer’s fandom. She knows exactly what it’s like to wait for new music, without having any idea when it’ll come out. “You got all summer sis,” Rihanna wrote to GloRilla. “I know dis wild hypocritical, but when the album drop?” It’s absolutely wild to compare the release dates for Rihanna’s and GloRilla’s last projects. Rih dropped Anti in 2016, like we previously stated. GloRilla, meanwhile, dropped a mixtape in April of this year! She put out Ehhthang Ehhthang on streaming, which included the hit single “Wanna Be.”

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Rihanna Joked About Being A Hypocrite

Rihanna’s DM to GloRilla

“I know dis wild hypocritical, but when the album drop? ” pic.twitter.com/eJg5D8qP38

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) July 3, 2024

Every piece of music GloRilla has put out, actually, has come after the release of Rihanna’s last album. That being said, the rapper has discussed her rapidly evolving style. She told iHeartRadio that she has aimed to maintain her musical roots with Ehhthang Ehhthang, despite getting more popular. “The songs are just so raw,” she noted. “I was going back to my roots. I rebranded on it because last year I was just trying to go so big when I was in album mode.”

The upcoming GloRilla album, however, is going to be a little different. Since she already fed her mixtape audience, she will try to go bigger and broader. “[I wanted to] give em some raw gangsta music before I put my album out,” she explained. “Because I feel like I waited too long to drop last year so I went a whole year without a project.” GloRilla’s latest single, the one Rihanna has been bumping, definitely suggest an attempt at a radio smash. Hopefully fans (and RiRi) get to hear the new album soon.

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