Even though Rihanna’s fans may feel like she’s led them on in the release of new music, she clearly still has a lot of love for her followers. That was on full display during a recent trip to Italy where some fans ran into her while she was in her car. From outside the car they ask the pop star for a picture but probably never imagined what would follow. She actually opens the door to her car and motions for the group of fans to come in. Altogether they pose for some photos in a once in a lifetime fan experience.

In the comments of a post sharing the photos and a video taken by one of the fans, observers react. Some claim the fact that she was in Italy had a lot to do with it. “She would never do this in the states” one of the top comments reads. Others highlighted just how down to earth Riri feels. “Rihanna is for the people that’s where no one will ever compare” and “This is why she is the best and why she is our fav!!!” two other comments read. Check out the video and pictures taken from the interaction below.

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Rihanna Lets Fans Into Her Care For A Photo Shoot

Earlier this month, ASAP Rocky confirmed that Rihanna is working on a new album. It’s the kind of rumor that fans have heard numerous times over the past few years. Her last album Anti dropped all the way back in 2016. May thought that her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance last year may have been the moment for her to share new music. Instead she took the opportunity to debut her new pregnancy.

She eventually gave birth to Riot, her second child with ASAP Rocky last year. He released a song named after the new baby around the time of his birth. What do you think of Rihanna letting fans into her car to take pictures together? Do you think it was safe for her to do? Let us know in the comment section below.

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