Nathaniel Ritchie’s part of a lot of the most exciting rap music to come out in the past ten years. Following the passing of group member Groggs in 2020, the Arizona rapper and producer Parker Corey chose to release one more album as the trio Injury Reserve in 2021: By The Time I Get To Phoenix, the best album of the decade so far. Then, they retired the moniker to make music as the By Storm duo in 2023. In addition, he now chose the name RiTchie after previously going by Ritchie With a T to release his debut solo album Triple Digits [112] on April 5. Along with this announcement, the “Double Trio” spitter released the single and music video “Dizzy” with frequent collaborator Aminé, following his debut solo single “RiTchie Valens” a few weeks ago.

Just like that song, RiTchie crafts a really creative, unsurprisingly dizzying, and engaging sample flip with catchy refrains, charismatic delivery, and entrancing percussion. Almost the whole music video is filmed from a first-person perspective as he hits the gym, goes out to a bar, and meets Aminé in the bathroom. Speaking of which, the KAYTRAMINÉ creative is similarly impressive on the mic here, and both MCs provide a nuanced, clever, and critical look at the hip-hop world caring more about image and lifestyle rather than the actual work and craft.

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RiTchie’s “Dizzy” With Amine: Watch The Music Video

Overall, it’s amazing to see RiTchie express himself in yet another artistic project, and to have it be as unique and compelling as he’s always been. “What started as a personal outlet to release these mental barriers, ended up with me having some fun music I felt comfortable, then confident, and now excited to put out there in the world while me and Parker continue to work on the first By Storm record,” he shared of this new journey. What did you think of “Dizzy” with Amine? However you may feel, drop your thoughts in the comments section down below and peep some standout bars there, too. If you haven’t heard the single yet, find it on your preferred streaming service and check out the music video above. As always, stay up to date on HNHH for the best new music drops around the clock.
Rest In Power Stepa J. Groggs.

Quotable Lyrics
But it’s simplistic, ‘His parents all rich’ n***a
How many times do we got to sing this song?
That ‘We don’t want to hear that weak s**t no more’?
And this ain’t just a case of ‘To each his own’

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