Ryan Garcia has continued to concern fans with his conspiracy theory-fueled posts on social media. Following an apparent hack over the weekend, Garcia, or at least Garcia’s account, has continued to post concerning content. The boxer claimed that he was “taken to the woods” where he was “forced to watch kids getting raped”. He also tweeted that he was shown an alien and that he has proof that he could potentially release.

However, things only got weirder when Garcia joined a Twitter Space hosted by Andrew Tate. Garcia reasserted his claim that he had been forced to watch pornography featuring children after being “tied down in the woods”. Furthermore, Garcia also said, “Bohemian Grove is real”. Bohemian Grove is a private campground belonging to a Gentleman’s Club in California. Conspiracy theorists believe that the ultra-exclusive two-week annual gatherings held at Bohemian Grove are actually secret meetings of the Illuminati or members of the “New World Order”.

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Ryan Garcia Calls Devin Haney Fight “Personal”

Andrew Tate got Ryan Garcia in a Twitter Space to discuss what’s been going on with him pic.twitter.com/WkBF7ZRhAy

— Akademiks TV (@AkademiksTV) March 5, 2024

Ryan Garcia speaks pic.twitter.com/xdWFl0SD4F

— Akademiks TV (@AkademiksTV) March 5, 2024

Meanwhile, Garcia’s worrying behavior comes about two months before his highly-anticipated fight with Devin Haney. “To me, it is personal in a way. I don’t know, something’s just in me. I don’t even feel like answering these questions bro, I’m sorry,” Garcia told TMZ last week. However, Garcia did answer a few more questions from the outlet, further sounding off about his April opponent. “I don’t give a f-ck about his boxing skills. I’mma beat his a–, that’s it! I’m not a boxing analyst. Forget that dude! He’s gonna get it, 4/20, that’s it!” Garcia added.

Even though there are nearly two months before their fight, tensions are high between the two men. Garcia and Haney had been separated at Super Bowl LVIII in February after getting into a brief altercation. Additionally, the pair traded words when they jointly appeared on First Take this week. Who are you backing in the bout? Let us know in the comments.

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