Behind-the-scenes footage from Inside The NBA has emerged, showing the hilarious antics the crew gets up to when they aren’t live. The footage, seemingly taken at the All-Star Game, primarily features Shaq and Charles Barkley roasting each other. Barkley goes after Shaq for being upset that his recent Magic jersey retirement wasn’t on “real TV” but was instead aired on NBA TV. “He thought TNT should have carried it,” Barkley chirped. Be sure to watch the full five-minute video below.

Of course, most people tune into Inside The NBA to see Barkley and Shaq sniping at each other like an old married couple. Back in October 2023, Barkley went after Shaq for not knowing who Slenderman was. The roasts came after Shaq was confused about Victor Wembanyama’s costume of the viral internet horror character.

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Shaq Reveals Lonely Life To Jason Kelce

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Meanwhile, Shaq painted a sobering picture of his post-retirement life while interviewing Jason Kelce on The Big Podcast. “Enjoy your family, brother. I lost my family and I didn’t have anybody. You got the ring. [I] lost my whole family. I’m in a 100,000-square-foot house all by myself,” Shaq lamented. However, he might be trapped in a prison of his own making. In a previous episode of the podcast, Shaq advocated against men sharing their feelings with women. “Whenever something goes down, they throw it back in your face,” Shaq reasoned when asked why he doesn’t open up to his partners. Shaq is divorced and has since struggled to hold down a relationship. In the past, the Hall of Famer has admitted to “making mistakes” and being “greedy” in his first marriage.

Meanwhile, one relationship that is working out for Shaq is the more familial one he has with LSU star Angel Reese. Reese called him a “father figure” during a wide-ranging interview that she and other members of LSU did with USA Today. “There’s really strong parallels in their personalities. They love people. They welcome the spotlight that comes with stardom, they both have a great love for this school and an enthusiasm for life,” said Bob Starkey, an LSU assistant coach. During his long tenure in Baton Rouge, Starkey has coached both LSU legends.

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