Stephen A. Smith is back to his wild shenanigans. During his Q&A segment on The Stephen A. Smith Show, the ESPN host was asked what he was putting on a standard hot dog if he wasn’t allowed to put mayonnaise on it. “That’s easy – ketchup and mustard. What’s wrong with that? Ketchup and mustard. Very very simple to me. It’s ketchup and mustard. Why wouldn’t I put ketchup and mustard on this? I’m tryna figure out why the hell mayo would be on this. Now that’s just nasty. I think the only thing nastier than this is the person I saw literally eating a spoon of mayonnaise. Now that’s disgusting,” Smith said.

Ketchup and mustard are of course the safe choice for hot dog toppings outside of regional variants. However, a 2021 survey from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council found that 19% of Americans put mayo on their hot dogs. What’s your go-to hot dog configuration? Let us know in the comments.

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Stephen A. Smith For President? Charles Barkley Is On Board

Meanwhile, Charles Barkley has endorsed Stephen A. Smith for President. “Let me tell you why [I’d vote for you]. Because I know you don’t have an evil bone in your body and I don’t think you have an agenda. That’s all I want. Even if you vote for somebody, you’re not gonna agree on every subject,” Barkley told Smith during an appearance on The Stephen A. Smith Show. Furthermore, Barkley also said he’d prefer to see the Democrats nominate California Governor Gavin Newsom instead of President Biden.

However, the moment comes after Barkley openly endorsed GOP long-shot Nikki Haley on his show with Gayle King last week. Barkley said he was putting his “whole heart” behind Haley before giving her an open platform to address her previous comments in which she stated that America was “never a racist country.” The latter decision led to a lot of backlash against both Barkley and Haley.

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