In recent weeks, things have gone from bad to worse for Diddy. He was already facing a myriad of allegations from numerous lawsuits filed last year that caused him to lay pretty low in recent months. Earlier this month, he returned to social media since the first time since the initial burst of allegations. He claimed that the allegations level against him came from “cancel culture.” But he was dragged back into the news recently when even more lawsuits emerged with even more damning claims.

Earlier this week, Diddy was hit with another lawsuit that accused him of groping a male producer. That lawsuit also named record producer Stevie J and claimed that the man filing the lawsuit was forced to watch Stevie have sex with another man. Stevie responded quickly via a lawyer, declining all allegations made against him in the lawsuit. But now he’s returned with another statement coming from his own mouth. It’s once again a denial of the allegations but he gives an even more specific reason why the accusations are false. Check out his new statement below.

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Stevie J Claims To Be One Of Gods Favorite

Stevie J claimed that he couldn’t have been included in the lawsuit because he “wasn’t that guy.” He expanded on that point later in the caption. “I ain’t never gonna be that guy… I’m one of gods favorite,” he concluded. That sparked plenty of fan debate in the comments over whether his denial was homophobic.

In the wake of the new lawsuit Stevie J isn’t the only one coming to his defense. A porn star made the claim publicly that he was actually the one in a screenshot mentioned in the lawsuit and not Stevie. What do you think of Stevie J’s new denial of his involvement in the newest Diddy lawsuit? Do you believe his claims that the allegations made against him are false? Let us know in the comment section below.

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