While TI has long been associated with hip-hop, he’s also stretched his range into a number of other mediums. The most notable might be television where he starred in TI and Tiny for years. While much of his TV work is reality TV, cameos where he plays himself, or musical performances, he’s also flexed his acting ability a few times. One of the first ever times was on ATL in 2006. The movie aimed to capture the spirit of Atlanta through both humor and drama, making the rapper one of the perfect choices to star in the film.

But during a podcast appearance earlier this year, he revealed that he was almost fired from the film immediately. The way he tells the story, he received two checks amounting to $15 million which made him less than motivated to go to work on the film. But he reveals that through the near firing, he learned about some of the responsibility being thrust onto him as the main star of the film. During a discussion with the director, he reconsiders all the people on the film who are counting on him to do his job. Check out the multi-layered story he tells in the clip below.

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TI On Nearly Getting Fired From “ATL”

Earlier this month, TI reacted to one of the biggest stories coming out of the Grammys. Killer Mike took home a sweep of the rap awards but that wasn’t the news many were focused on. Instead they were talking about videos that hit the internet shortly after. The videos showed Mike being walked out of the ceremony in handcuffs.

TI didn’t mince words when discussing the situation. “It was an atrocity. To be honest with you, Killer Mike going and sweeping the Grammys, winning three Grammys and then getting arrested and going to jail at the same event in the same venue, is the story of the Black man in America,” he explained. What do you think of TI’s story about almost getting fired from ATL after just a few days? Let us know in the comment section below.

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