The latest lawsuit accusing Diddy of sexual assault, this time from producer Lil Rod, resulted in another wave of shocked reactions online. There’s still a lot of social media fallout as a result of all of this, and it looks like this legal action might inspire more in its wake with different charges. Moreover, Tiffany Red recently threatened to sue Sean Combs and various record labels for ruining her work. For those unaware, Red is an industry songwriter known for her collaborations and for her close relationship with Cassie (one of the Bad Boy mogul’s previous accusers), plus her work with many more stars like Jennifer Hudson and Zendaya.

“I am suing Sean Combs too,” Tiffany Red said of Diddy on Instagram, calling out Universal Music Group’s chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge as well in the post’s caption. “I’m suing Sean Combs, I’m suing Interscope Records, I’m suing Bad Boy Entertainment, I’m suing Epic Records. And… I don’t know who else, I don’t know if my lawyer is saying there’s anybody else that’s in there. But those are the people that I am suing. I am suing for tortuous interference, for all of the work that I have done that has been f***ed because of all of this. F***ed! F***ed. My work was f****ed, it was derailed.

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Tiffany Red Announces Plan To Sue Diddy & Various Record Labels: Watch

I spent years working with Cassie. Years!” Tiffany Red continued concerning Diddy. “The music is incredible, it’s all f***ed now. It’s got all this nastiness all over it. I can’t tell you what I felt like when I found out this is what was going on. I can’t tell you what I felt like when I found out that my music was playing in the background. That the reason why this n***a called me an emotional singing b***h is because he was listening to a demo of me singing while he was doing God knows what with my f***ing friend.

“I have been dealing with this s**t since 2015,” she concluded. “This has been some of the most traumatizing and terrifying moments in my f***ing life. And to watch the world cackle and joke and people sending memes back and forth. All y’all in my DMs like, ‘Tiff, did you see this?’ like I’m f***ing blind. Like I didn’t just sit on NBC and speak with Chloe about my experiences. Are y’all f***ing kidding me? So cat’s out the bag, I’m suing too. That’s why I haven’t been answering your questions. You wanna know why I haven’t been in L.A.?” For more news and the latest updates on Diddy, keep checking in with HNHH.

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