It’s no secret that Tokyo Toni has her fair share of issues with Cardi B. After all, she is an avid Nicki Minaj stan, and has even used her platform to connect with the Queen of Rap in the past. Of course, considering her allegiance to Nicki, and budding rap career of her own, supporters have been expecting her to weigh in on Cardi’s new “Like What (Freestyle)” which she dropped last week.

Fortunately, Tokyo came through over the weekend, hitting Instagram Live to share her thoughts on the track with supporters. Almost immediately, the reality star and mother to Blac Chyna grew suspicious, and developed a theory that some shade was thrown her way. According to her, the apparent jab must be an attempt on Cardi’s part to get her to promote the song.

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Tokyo Toni Is Suspicious

“Did she say red lips?” Tokyo asked, shocked that the alleged diss would be so blatant. “Did she just say red lips? Please somebody find [the lyrics] right now before I lose it.” She went on, insisting that there’s nobody else Cardi could be rapping about, as she’s known for her signature red lips. “Oh my god,” she continued, “She stole my whole sh*t. She stole my whole image on it… You know what? If I didn’t know any better, she wants me to promote this.”

“They think they slick,” Tokyo added. “It just hit me… Who the f*ck wears red lips other than me? There’s Rihanna, but you ain’t talking about no motherf*ckin’ Rihanna, b*tch. Rihanna ain’t made a song since 1980.” What do you think of Tokyo Toni accusing Cardi B of stealing her look and dissing her on her new song? Do you think she’s on to something? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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