Who says you don’t get better with age? Certainly not Tom Brady. In a recent shoot with his NoBull company, a 46-year-old Brady ran the 40-yard dash. However, when overlaid with footage from his 2000 NFL Combine outing, it turns out Brady was faster at 46 than he was at 22. Brady’s time was clocked at 5.12 and 5.18, both faster than his 5.28 time in 2000. Brady’s business partner joked that if he had ran that time in 2000, he would have gone much earlier than the sixth round.

However, Brady isn’t the only person running exceptional 40-yard times. Footage emerged appearing to back up Katt Williams’ claim on Club Shay Shay suggesting that he can run a sub-4.50 40-yard dash. In the video, Williams is seen running the 40-yard dash in 4.47. That’s the same time that first-round pick Sauce Gardner ran in 2022. It appears that Williams wasn’t kidding about keeping himself in good shape. This was later used by Williams’ fans, who mocked Kevin Hart for injuring himself running the 40-yard dash.

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Tom Brady’s Camp Calls Cap On Gisele Bundchen’s Joaquim Valente Dating Timeline

Meanwhile, sources within Tom Brady’s camp have disputed claims that his ex-wife has only been seeing her rumored new beau since June 2023. “They should add 2021 after June. Then the headline would be accurate,” the sources told TMZ. The move came in response to news that Bundchen, per her own team, said that she had been dating martial arts instructor Joaquim Valente since June 2023.

Valente has been close with the Bradys for around two years. Both Brady’s children as well as Bundchen herself have trained with him. However, things between Bundchen and Valente appeared to get a lot less platonic after she officially split from Brady. “When they announced divorce in October 2022, Gisele fled to Costa Rica for 2 months. Joaquim flew there with her for 2 months. She takes her jiu-jitsu training seriously. LOL,” one source wrote in a message to TMZ.

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