Antoine Dodson, better known as the star of the viral “Bed Intruder” meme, has accused Tyler Perry of not paying him to cameo in A Madea Christmas. Dodson said that Perry had reached out and a verbal agreement had been made. However, Perry allegedly never followed through with compensating Dodson for his work. Perry is yet to respond to the allegations.

A Madea Christmas came out in 2013, around three years after Dodson found viral fame. Dodson is credited as “YouTube Guy” in the film. However, fans have not been wholly sympathetic. Some people have teased Dodson for coming after Perry now he’s “broke”. Others have accused Dodson of claiming that there was promises of compensation when none was agreed upon.

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Tyler Perry Questioned Over Creative Choices

However, Dodson is not the only person coming for Perry. A graphic scene explicitly showing gang rape in a recent episode of Tyler Perry’s Ruthless has left fans stunned. The scene appeared in Season 4, Episode 13 of the long-running drama about a woman seeking escape from a sexually exploitative religious cult. While the show has often dealt with heavy topics. However, this moment appeared to go beyond the pale for many viewers.

Furthermore, the ripples have gone far beyond the pond as the response to the scene in Ruthless spread. Fans also took aim at Perry for co-opting the stories of women (while explicitly showing harm to them as well). This manifested in the response to the first released images of Six Triple Eight. The Kerry Washington-led film, directed by Perry, tells the story of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, an all-Black, all-women overseas battalion during World War Two. The Six Triple Eight is a deeply overlooked piece of military history, serving as the only predominantly all-Black Women’s Army Corps battalion during the Second World War. However, especially in the wake of the latest episode of Ruthless, many have questioned by Perry is the one directing the project. The irony of a man directing the story about an overlooked part of women’s history has not been lost on many commenters.

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