Tyrin Turner has denied accusations from Suge Knight that he and Jamie Foxx are secretly gay lovers, while also blasting Suge for making such comments in 2024. “Me and Jamie have been like brothers and best friends for years. What people don’t understand is that we do a lot of business together. So you may have seen us a lot,” Tyrin Turner explained during his interview. When you’re dealing with people, people want to throw the little gay rumor [on you]. Somebody always gotta be gay in the world. I know what I like. I would’ve never thought in a million years that Suge would put something out there like that of somebody being gay, especially in the time that we’re living in where it’s okay,” Turner told The Art of Dialogue.

Elsewhere in the interview, Turner revealed that he has a new project coming out that was created in collaboration with Foxx. Alert: Missing Persons Unit will air on Fox this year.

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Tyrin Turner Claims He Confronted Diddy At Jamie Foxx’s House

It’s not the first time that Turner has dropped bombshells for the interview series. Last May, Turner spoke about defending Foxx from Diddy’s wrath. “It was a total misunderstanding,” he explained. “I think Puff almost fell and tripped — you know, we was at Jamie [Foxx]’s house. I think he kind of tripped or something. And brother, you know, he kind of laughed. And I guess it wasn’t funny to Puff. You know what I mean?” Turner said. “So Puff kinda put, you know, like — ‘Hey, come here.’ What’s funny, or whatever. And I see it from my peripheral. And I’m like, that’s my brother. Puffy don’t know my brother. This is weird. That ain’t — this don’t look cool. So I’m like — I pushed my brother out the way, and I’m like, hold on.” Turner continued.

So Turner, a long-time friend of Foxx’s, confronted Diddy about it. “And I asked Puff, ‘you know him?’ And Puff is like, ‘Nah, playboy,’ and I’m like, ‘Aye, n-gga, that’s my brother. I’ll touch everything in here for my brother. Period.’ So me and Puff, we end up having a conversation, as men, we shook hands and everything was great.” According to Turner, the confrontation did not go any further than an exchanging of words, with the pair able to squash their temporary beef. While the story is nothing more than a tense interaction many years ago, it’s an interesting story behind two 90s heavyweights.

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