Wendy Williams may have thanked fans for their support following her dementia diagnosis, but there’s little other firsthand accounts when it comes to the social media discussion of her situation. Moreover, caregivers, industry peers, and family members are debating who is to blame for the more damaging parts of this situation, and how they should respond. The latest to chime in is the TV host’s former disc jockey, DJ Boof, who spoke to TMZ on Monday (February 26). He shared that no one on the show really knew the extent of her illness, and that it’s best for her to be with her family.

“I don’t think no one knew exactly to the extent [of] how bad it was,” DJ Boof said of Wendy Williams. “I felt like people knew something was up with her. But they didn’t really know. I knew it because I’ve been around it, you know? It’s sad to see something like that happen to her. You know, she needs help. I speak to Wendy. You know, I don’t know if [the family] speak as much as I do. But last time I spoke to her was probably, like, about a month ago.

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DJ Boof Speaks On Wendy Williams Situation: Watch

“I don’t think it’s her not keeping them in the loop,” Wendy Williams’ former co-worker continued. “I think it could be the guardianship that’s not letting them know exactly what’s going on. Yeah, [that’s how they’re seeing it, at least]. I mean, if you was to ask me, I think she does need to be around her family. It is hard for me a little, because you know, she’s my friend. You know, I’ve [been] with this woman for 12 years, so I’ve seen it all, you know? We had a relationship outside of the show that most people don’t have.

“I bumped back into her in Miami, which everyone’s seen,” he concluded. “And we took a picture together, and I seen her. She was 100% great, you know? She was recovering, and that was due. Because I seen her in Miami, she was with her son and Travis, and she seemed to be doing great. I think, if you was to ask me, I believe Florida would be a better place for her because that’s where her family is. She needs, I think, that 24-hour care.” For more news and the latest updates on Wendy Williams, stay logged into HNHH.

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