Last week, the eagerly anticipated docuseries Where Is Wendy Williams? finally arrived. Even before its release, the project had the personality’s fanbase up in arms, as early trailers indicated that it’d showcase her financial concerns, mental health struggles, and more. Just before the series came out, it was also revealed that Williams had been diagnosed with dementia and aphasia. Many argued that it was unethical to document Williams’ less flattering moments out of concern that she was unable to consent.

Now, Williams’ publicist, who appears in the doc, has spoken out. During an exclusive interview with NBC News, Shawn Zanotti shared that she believes Williams was misled about the project and would have never agreed to it had she known how she would be portrayed.

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Shawn Zanotti Calls Cap On Where Is Wendy Williams? Producers’ Claims

“I felt that [Williams] was being exploited,” Zanotti described. “She thought we were focusing on the comeback of her career. … She would be mortified. There’s no way you can convince me that she would be OK with looking and seeing herself in that way… That is not the project that [Williams] signed up for. That’s not the project [the producers] brought to me. That’s not what I told her this was going to be about,” she also added. “There were a lot of good moments. None of those good moments were shown.”

Zanotti went on to respond to producers’ claims that they would have approached the project differently had they been aware of Williams’ dementia diagnosis. “I don’t think [the diagnosis] would have stopped them at all. The producers were asking questions throughout the entire time — would ask questions where she would somewhat seem confused, and I feel as though it was done to be intentional at that moment in time to make their storyline,” she explained. “Again, this was presented as a documentary to her, but to me, it looked as though it was a reality show of a circus, a circus to her downfall.” What do you think of Wendy Williams’ publicist Shawn Zanotti claiming that the personality was exploited by producers? Do you agree with her? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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