Where Is Wendy Williams? has been stirring up controversy for weeks now, and the first part of the documentary has only ramped things up. It premiered on Lifetime yesterday (February 24), and showcases Williams’ erratic behavior, poor treatment of staff, and more. It also arrived just days after it was revealed that the personality had been diagnosed with aphasia and dementia.

So far, the documentary has gotten mixed reactions from fans. While some are intrigued by the icon’s day-to-day life, others think tuning in feels all wrong, especially considering the news of her diagnosis. Viewers are out in full force on social media weighing in on the series, with many arguing that it shouldn’t have aired at all.

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New Wendy Williams Documentary Sparks Concern

This is far from the first time the docuseries raised eyebrows, however. Last week, it was reported that Williams’ guardian Sabrina Morrissey filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block Lifetime from airing it. Additionally, she requested a restraining order. Earlier this month, Williams’ ex Kevin Hunter Sr. also reportedly had some less than positive things to say about it. According to The U.S. Sun, he was shocked to see the trailer, as well as by his son’s involvement in the project.

“Kevin was shocked to see his ex-wife portrayed in such a negative light in the Lifetime trailer. He was also totally blindsided that their son, Kevin Jr, ended up signing onto the project after he initially said he wanted nothing to do with it,” a source told the outlet. Overall, fans agree, with most speculating that the best thing for Williams right now is privacy.

Social Media Reacts To Where Is Wendy Williams?

What do you think of Where Is Wendy Williams? Do you agree that the doc is exploitative, or are social media users overreacting? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates. Check out some fans’ reactions down below.

There shouldn’t be any cameras infront of her at this state
All she needs is family, care , support and healing.

This woman has been through a lot and is still going through it,
Losing her Mom
Her marriage ending
And her health struggles#WendyWilliams #WhereIsWendyWilliams pic.twitter.com/sBMXA4W2mz

— Kello (@Kello_Lello) February 25, 2024

She can’t consent to being on camera like this. It feels exploitative. #wendywilliams #whereiswendywilliams

— LiciousVick (@LadyViiick) February 25, 2024

I thought this #Lifetime docuseries was bout her making a comeback? A highlight reel of her legacy? A step back into that fun/messy host – instead Wendy’s on repeat, completely inebriated & deteriorating before our eyes? Something’s not right bout this show #WhereIsWendyWilliams pic.twitter.com/nfkZIF0CnV

— Thee Annointed Mr. Trigger Baddie (@FckRndNFoundOut) February 25, 2024

To be completely truthful, the #WhereIsWendyWilliams documentary should have never happened. I looks like just another way to make money off her.

Why are we being shown this woman at her lowest? Why? pic.twitter.com/tmUmhXEBwF

— LH/LBJ (@LH44LBJ23) February 25, 2024

I want to know who signed off on this documentary, and who is making money from it. That person needs to get dragged to the pits of hell. #WhereIsWendyWilliams

— Marianne Sunshine (@MissMaSunshine) February 25, 2024

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