If you’ve been following the Young Thug and YSL RICO trial, you know that things are currently on hold due to Judge Ural Glanville’s ex-parte meeting with a witness (YSL Woody), Woody’s lawyer Kayla Bumpus, a court reporter, prosecutor Simone Hilton, and another prosecutor. For those unaware, an ex-parte meeting refers to a motion, hearing, or order requested by, and granted to, a single party in a court case. Specifically, Thugger’s lawyer Brian Steel asked for the recusal of Judge Glanville on the notion that this meeting violated various rules in the trial, including witness collusion for the benefit of the state.

The problem with the meeting is not what was discussed,” Bumpus told The Shade Room‘s Justin Carter of this meeting in the Young Thug trial. “It’s that Mr. Copeland [YSL Woody] was already a sworn witness. So defense council should have at least known about the meeting. I did not tell Attorney Steel [about the meeting]. I do not know who told Attorney Steel. But once they told him, he came and questioned me and I then did give him a rundown of what happened in the meeting.”

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Young Thug Trial Might Take A Turn As Case Pauses Due To Ex-Parte Meeting & Attorney’s Testimony

Furthermore, Bumpus was allegedly filling in for a colleague in the Young Thug trial, and specifically for his ex-parte meeting. At press time, the court must wait for another judge to rule on the recusal motion and determine what will become of this YSL case. “We don’t want you in custody,” one of the prosecutors reportedly told YSL Woody. “I can’t say that any other different way, but we don’t want you in custody. The only thing that’s holding you is refusing to testify.”

YSL Woody had attempted to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights on the stand when he responded to a question about how old he was. Also, he tried to refuse immunity and be a state witness, but he ended up cooperating. In addition, Bumpus claimed that, while she didn’t tell Young Thug’s lawyer about the meeting, she did reveal more info about it once he asked. We’ll see whether these extra details and deliberations shift the tide of the case, or if things will go back to our regularly scheduled (and chaotic) court program.

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