Last year, the judge in Young Thug’s YSL RICO trial controversially ruled that lyrics would be admissible as evidence. It re-sparked a major debate about whether lyrics should be allowed in court with rappers like Killer Mike speaking out against the decision. Subsequently, Thug’s defense has filed a new motion to try and get those lyrics and some music videos removed from the pool of evidence in the trial. They cited a recent unrelated court decision by the Georgia Supreme Court and are hoping precedent can help out the rapper’s case.

Earlier this week, the state’s Supreme Court overturned the conviction of a 2019 murder. They ruled that a music video used as evidence was “highly prejudicial” and the conviction was struck down. “It allowed the State to introduce impermissible propensity evidence by portraying Baker as a threatening gunman, and the prosecutor severely exacerbated the video’s prejudicial impact by emphasizing that it showed Baker’s predisposition to gun violence,” they said in their ruling. Thug’s defense is hoping that the ruling could help play a role in getting similar evidence removed from their trial.

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Young Thug Trying To Get More Evidence Thrown Out

Young Thug Cites Overturned Murder Conviction In Bid To Strike RICO Trial Evidence

— allhiphopcom (@allhiphopcom) March 7, 2024

The story that has dominated Young Thug’s trial so far this year didn’t even happen in court. Audio and video leaked from a jail phone call between him and his girlfriend Mariah The Scientist. It hit the internet back in January and part of their interaction went viral online. Despite the break in privacy, Mariah seems relatively okay with the virality of the video. During a recent concert she seemed to embrace the video, even while joking that fans “weren’t supposed to see it.”

What do you think of Young Thug’s defense trying to get evidence removed from his YSL RICO trial once again? Do you think they’ll succeed in getting some of the lyrics and music videos removed? Do you think Thug has a good chance at beating the case? Let us know in the comment section below.

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