Earlier today, a TikTok started making the rounds online discussing an interaction with Yung Miami. A girl who worked as security at this year’s Super Bowl posted a video recapping some of her interactions with celebrities while there. But in the video she called out Miami specifically for being rude to her. She claimed she tried to talk to the rapper but was ignored. For that reason she accused Miami of being rude and even claimed that she wouldn’t do her job as security for the rapper if fans came after her.

Many in the comments came to Miami’s defense. They claimed that she didn’t owe security anything and might not have even heard the greeting. Eventually, the video got popular enough that Miami herself saw it and decided to defend herself in the comments. “How tf I’m suppose to hear you if one I’m on the phone. 2. You WHISPERED that’s my “good sis Caresha” like you’re literally whispering in the video! where in the video or where’s the audio of you trying to get my attention. How much they paying yall for this hate train I wanna sign up?!” her response reads. Check out the full video and her reaction to it below.

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Yung Miami Defends Herself Against Security Accusations

In the comments, some other fans come to Miami’s defense. “They don’t owe y’all nothing and if you security you need to be working and not fanning out” another top comment on the post reads. Other fans suggest that she may be failing her job as security by making the video in the first place.

“You security? You not even supposed to be talking to them let alone shooting TikTok’s of them” and “Girl don’t lose ya job tryna be funny lol” two other comments read. What do you think of Yung Miami’s response to the security officer that called her out for being rude? Do you agree that Miami didn’t do anything wrong? Let us know in the comment section below.

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